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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Unable to Flush Restart File in AIURWL()

Yesterday, Akhilesh pinged me with this error while applying a patch:

After I renamed the $APPL_TOP/admin/log/$TWO_TASK/restart directory, the error changed to:

Adpatch error Unable to Flush Restart File in AIURWL()

After a lot of trial and error I noticed that there was a file in $APPL_TOP/admin/log/$TWO_TASK directory called adpatch_sessions_to_clean.txt.  On a hunch I renamed this file as adpatch_sessions_to_clean.txt.old.

Voila,  the patch proceeded without any issues and got applied too.

There is no reference of this file in Metalink anywhere.  Inside the files were session numbers of some old sessions.


Suneel said...

I got the same issue as urs. But it was a space related issue.

Also found a doc in metalink that points to spaace issue.

Anonymous said...

I also got the same issue on 12.1.3 and it was space related.

Anonymous said...

Suneel Said was absolutely Right..