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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pasta mandatory for printing reports with UTF8 characterset

Sanjeev called today to find out when Pasta printing is required.

Metalink Note 99495.1 says:

1. If the datbase character set is UTF8, this Postscript setup document CANNOT
   be utilized.

   select value from nls_database_parameters 
   where parameter = 'NLS_CHARACTERSET';

   Pasta and IX Library is required for UTF8 character set environments and/or 
   multi-lingual environments. The printing chapter of the Oracle Applications
   11i System Administrator's Guide states, "In order to print reports with the 
   UFT8 character set, you 'must' configure PASTA". See the following documents 
   for more details. 

   Note 240864.1 "Activating and Configuring IX Library"
   Note 189708.1 "Oracle Reports 6i Setup Guide for Oracle Applications 11i"
   Note 239196.1 "PASTA 3.0 Release Information"--particular the "Pasta User's Guide 3.0"
   Note 356501.1 "How to Setup Pasta Quickly and Effectively"

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