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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Youtube full screen shows blank

Namita pinged me today.  She had bought a new Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop.  Whenever she did a full screen / maximize in youtube, the screen went blank, though the sound continued.  I tried googling for this problem as it sounded like a known issue.  After many tries, on, I found this:


I was getting the very same anomaly, (a diagonal, white on top/grey on
bottom that flashed color when playing), and I just stumbled upon a
quick fix:

1. Right-click in the standard youtube video window (non-full
2. Choose 'Settings...' from the Flash Player's pop-up menu.
3. Uncheck the 'Enable Hardware Acceleration'
4. Click 'Close'.

Full-screen should now work, or at least it did for me. Some kind of
Flash incompatibility with latest Firefox build, it would seem. I am
running vista, so maybe that has something to do with it, as well.
Good luck!

Hope this helps.

I did as suggested above, and it started working fine.


Mikko Haverinen said...

I had the same issue, this great tip solved it.

Anonymous said...

"I had the same issue, this great tip solved it."

this. thanks dude.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much! I like to watch YouTube videos on fullscreen, but it would always short out, and that was so annoying. Now it works!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vikram,

Am namita's roomie.I got my new laptop today and was facing exactly the same issue. I remembered the issue faced by namita and which got fixed by you.

I was wondering if i should call her (as she left to India)to ask about the fix.. i just googled and was quite astonished to see the same issue posted here..

Kudos for posting the useful tip!!!!

Anonymous said...

That worked for as well! Thanks

Vikram Das said...

Hi Bhuvna,

Good to know that my blog helped in solving your issue

- Vikram

Anonymous said...

Thankyou - you've made my day!

Anonymous said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

thanks so much i finaly was able to connect my laptop to my lcd maximise youtbe.and watch a full run of suvivor from you tube
abu dhabi

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I just bought this laptop few days ago and already had the same problem when I used Youtube. Thought I was going to have to take it back to the store to get fixed but when I found your guide to fix it, it took 2 seconds to fix. Anyways thanks a lot.

Klara Oklahoma said...

Thanks, buddy, great tip. I was so frustrated of that blank full screen.

AMUDHAN said...

thank you very much. It worked for me. can anyone tell me how come this 'hardware accceration has to do anything with full screen'?

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

thanks 2 secs it took to fix after all that time of watching the small screen


Anonymous said...

This tip solved,thx a lot