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Tuesday, October 14, 2008 unstable release for Apps 11i

There is a consensus among Production support DBAs that is an unstable release for Apps 11i.  We have had instance or DB crash in almost all the Production instances which have gone live with Oracle Database  Each crash was due to a known bug for which one off patches were available.  There are 550+ one off patches on top of  If you scour through all of them, you'll find around 60 patches which fix ORA-600/7445, DB/instance crash issues.  Since these patches are one-offs, Oracle gives their standard warning about applying these only when you face the particular issue as these are not regression tested.  

This leads to a peculiar scenario.  A production database crashes due to a known bug.  DBAs log severity 1 SR with Oracle.  Oracle gives them a one off patch which is already available because this is a known bug.  DBAs apply the patch, and the issue is fixed.  

Business is aghast at this approach.  Its like you wait for the instance to crash to apply a patch. They do not like this reactive practice at all.  They want the DBAs to apply patches for all such known bugs.  Oracle says that if you apply all these one off patches, you might end up with new bugs.  So the path of least resistance is to apply those DB patches which are marked as Recommended in metalink.

This is a never ending story.  Even if you upgrade to, there are bugs on top of too.  I am unsure if we can ever get out of this loop.

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