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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

12.0.5 is only for Financials and HR

Recently Sandeep Panchal asked me for R12.0.5 media kit.  I had recently downloaded R12.0.4 media for him from  There was no R12.0.5 on  

After reading a few notes on metalink, I realized that there is no 12.0.5 for all products.  Steven Chan's blog has this article about the same. 12.0.5 as a Release Update Pack was released only for Financials and HR. Please refer to Metalink Note 423541.1 for R12 Release Update Pack Schedule and 577406.1 for Oracle Financials and Oracle HRMS Release Update Packs 12.0.5 (RUP5).  To bring Financials and HR products to 12.0.5,  you need to apply these two patches on a base 12.0.4 install:

Patch 6836355 - Oracle Financials Family Release Update Pack 5 For 12.0 (R12.FIN_PF.A.DELTA.5)
Patch 6610000 - Oracle HRMS Release Update Pack 5 for 12.0 (R12.HR_PF.A.DELTA.5)

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