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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oracle E-Business Suite History

Oracle E-Business Suite started life as Oracle Financials in 1987.

March 12, 1986: Oracle goes public with revenues of $55 million USD.

August 1987: Oracle founds its Applications division, building business-management software closely integrated with its database software. Oracle Corporation acquires TCI for its project management software.

October 1987: Oracle Applications Release 1

Sometime in August 1988 they released there first ERP application called accounting system that has only general Ledger functionality enabled. This is one of the reason of having General ledger application_id is 101.

November 1988: Release 3

January 1989: Release 4

May 1989: Release 5

October 1989: Release 6

May 1990: Release 7

November 1990: Release 8

June 1992: Release 9

1995: Release 10

April 1998: Release 11

July 16, 1998: First combined production installation of Oracle Applications Release 10.7 NCA at Leeson Electric Corporation.

May 2000: Release 11i

Feb 2006:

31 Jan 2007: R12

(Most of the dateline is from Anand's post on

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