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Friday, September 5, 2008

Instance Health check through Software Configuration Manager

A recent announcement in metalink talks about improvements in health checks introduced by Software Configuration Manager:

What is a Software Configuration Manager Health Check?

A Software Configuration Manager Health Check from Oracle Support provides advice based on business rules related to Oracle best practices, certificated configuration, security and patching. Health Checks are dynamically applied to newly uploaded customer configuration information based on Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) data, providing you with immediate feedback on potential issues you may want to address. The Health Check rules and data elements are monitored and executed at Oracle and are updated on a regular basis. This approach of maintaining the rules at Oracle ensures you will always have the benefit of the latest knowledge and information. Health Checks currently focus on the following areas:

    • Oracle Database - checks the database host, highlights incorrect parameter usage, and recommends improvements in table and index layout, storage management and table space allocation
    • Oracle eBusiness Suite - validates current patch configuration, recommends critical missing patches and dependencies
    • Oracle Fusion Middleware – provides basic setup configuration, product certification, and recommends critical missing patches and dependencies
    • Oracle Newly Acquired Companies – captures basic configuration data
    • Host/OS – checks host and kernel parameter settings, platform memory configuration, storage and system utilization, and system configuration
    • Oracle Software Certification – checks latest patch set applied and validates your current configuration against the latest Oracle certifications information
What improvements have been made to Software Configuration Manager Health Checks?

The following new features and improvements have been made to the Software Configuration Manager Health Checks:

    • New - July Database CPU Health Check added to reduce risk associated with not being current on latest critical patch update release
    • Updated – Reclassification (Critical Issue, Warning Issue, Informational Issues) of 18 database-related Health Checks based on direct customer feedback and input from Oracle subject matter experts; focused on Logging & Archiving, Operating System Limits, Database Patchset and Certifications
    • Updated - Removal of 120 redundant, non-critical Oracle eBusiness Suite Health Checks
    • Updated – Resolved 30 Health Check policy-related bugs
    • Updated – Resolved 26 Health Check product-related bugs and enhancements
I am currently trying to find the scripts which are performing these health checks. Will update this post as I learn more.

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