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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Payables pre-req patch on 11i before upgrade to R12

If you are planning to upgrade your 11i instance to R12 and use Payables module, then you should first apply patch 7279377, before upgrading to R12.  Metalink Note 734066.1 gives more information about this issue:

Applies to:

Oracle Payables - Version: 11.5.10 to 12.0.5
Information in this document applies to any platform.


AP Invoices that have been approved but are in the middle of the workflow process have the invoice status flag inadvertently set to NOT REQUIRED, which prevents these invoices from completing the payment cycle. 

Note: ALL AP Customers Upgrading from 11i to R12 MUST apply this patch in Pre-install mode. Review the README Patch 7279377 for detailed instructions.

Likelihood of Occurrence

Customers upgrading from 11i to R12.0.x are likely to encounter this problem if they have invoices in the middle of the workflow process. 

Possible Symptoms

After upgrading from 11i to R12..0.x, invoices in the middle of the workflow approval process are set to a status of NOT REQUIRED, even though they may have been Approved in 11i. 

The workflow architecture changed from 11i to R12 and so there is no upgrade for Workflow. For all invoices that are in middle of the approval process the flag WFAPPROVAL_STATUS has to be reset to REQUIRED and APPROVAL_READY_FLAG has to be set to Y. 

Workaround or Resolution

Download Patch 7279377. This is an AP Pre-Install Patch for R12. It only applies to those customers who have not completed the upgrade from 11i to R12.  Follow the instructions in the README file for download and application instructions.  


  1. Download Patch 7279377
  2. IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the patch application version of the file apinvupd.sql is (120.13.12000000.4) or greater:  patch/115/sql/apinvupd.sql 120.13.12000000.4

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