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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Visit to a data center

I had the privilege of visiting a data center with a group of colleagues for a tour. The Data Center manager was very passionate about his job. He showed us the generators, the UPS, the chillers which make the whole thing tick. Then he showed us the server rooms, Mainframes, SANs. He would use the phrase "everything under the sun" is under this roof. It was really good to see the machines on which we work everyday. There were very few people in the data center. Physical access is not needed unless there is a problem which can't be solved remotely. The tape libraries were all automatic operated by robots. It was very futuristic indeed. What amazed me was that the Data Center manager was more passionate about the Generators than about the servers. Come to think of it, we also worry more about the things which make E-Business Suite work, instead of the product itself.

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