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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Clicking on Notifications Summary logs you out

Another post upgrade issue:

1. Login
2. Click on Purchasing Superuser responsibility
3. Click on Notification Summary

You are logged out and thrown back to the screen which asks for username and password and the URL looks like this:

Metalink Notes 243026.1 and 186123.1 provide possible solutions. However we solved it by following metalink note 311802.1 which gives the cause and solution:


Workflow Notifications Funtion (FND_FNDWFNOT) was set improperly per Bug 3550358 for Application 11.5.10. Now, the system uses Oracle Framework to access the Worklist instead of the old form function calls.

Function: FNDWFNOT
User Function Name: Universal In-Box
Type: SSWA plsql function -> should be SSWA jsp function

HTML Call: wfa_html.worklist -> should be OA.jsp?akRegionCode=WF_SS_NOTIF_PAGE&akRegionApplicationId=0&OAHP=WF_SELF_SERVICE_APPLICATION&OASF


To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:
1. Check to see if script $FND_TOP/sql wfformfnc.sql already available.
Script wfformfnc.sql 115.2 updates references of form function calls FROM the old Worklist pages (pl/sql) TO the new Oracle Framework based Worklist.

2. Run script wfformfnc.sql
Please Note:
The script wfformfnc.sql does come with the following patches/releases:

Customers on 11.5.9 - the script is available:

Patch 3492743 (Post OWF.G ROLLUP 6) or higher.

Patch 3868138 (Post OWF.G ROLLUP 7) or higher.

Customers on 11.5.10 - the script is available:

Patch 3438354 (11i.ATG_PF.H) - Part of Base 11.5.10.

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