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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sendmail connects to localhost only

In a new Solaris build, we go this problem about sendmail. It was connecting on sendmail port 25 only if hostname was localhost or It was not listening on all the other IPs plumbed on the box. Here's what I did to make it listen on all IPs:

Stop sendmail
svcadm disable sendmail

cd /etc/mail
chmod 600

Search for this line:
O DaemonPortOptions=NAME=NoMTA4, Family=inet, Addr=

Remove , Addr= so that the line now reads:
O DaemonPortOptions=NAME=NoMTA4, Family=inet

chmod 444

Start Sendmail
svcadm enable sendmail

Retest by doing

telnet hostname_of_server 25

If it still doesn't work, do this:

svccfg -s sendmail setprop config/local_only=false

svcadm refresh sendmail

svcadm restart sendmail


Anonymous said...

Done all of that and it still binds to localhost any other ideas short of the microsoft fix of rebooting?

Raj's Apps World said...

Hello Vikram,

Thanks for quick solution you provided yes your tip worked for me and i can able to configure my mailer account.

For IMAP: The unix account needs to be present in /etc/access.conf and normal in /etc/passwd

Raj's Apps World said...

Hello Vikram ,

Thanks alot for your quick solution provided, I am facing trouble while configuring the mailer account in the new Instance.

Followed your blog and got the clue fo fix the issue.

For IMAP: The unix account needs to be present in /etc/access.conf.
and normail account in /etc/passwd