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Monday, September 21, 2009

unable to get pty!

Recently on a Solaris 8 box when I executed this command, I go the error unable to get pty

$ /usr/dt/bin/dtterm &
[1] 7507
$ grantpt: Error 0
Name: dtTerm
Class: DtTerm
unable to get pty

A google search returned this link from

unable to get pty!

When trying to open a Terminal window (dtterm) in CDE, a pop-up window appears stating, Unable to get pty!

dtterm is not able to open /dev/pts/int (where int is an integer). The user cannot open this file because grantpt(3C) failed to change the permissions on the file. grantpt(3C) failed because the binary /usr/lib/pt_chmod is not setuid root. The permissions on /usr/lib/pt_chmod must be 4111.

To restore the correct permissions to pt_chmod, use the following command (as root):

# chmod 4111 /usr/lib/pt_chmod

So I logged in as root and executed the above command.

Issue was resolved.

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