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Friday, September 11, 2009

ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

Recently we implemented a third party software for Mobile users called Ventureforth Mi2k Server. After doing the install which creates a custom schema and creates packages which call Oracle API to insert, update, delete data into APPS, we got this error when they executed a test call:

ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

We had a tough time figuring out which object didn't have the grant. After a lot of trials through Toad debugging and tracing through DBMS_SYSTEM, I recalled that we could trap any error message in alert log and get more details about the error by using this command:

alter system set events '1031 trace name errorstack level 3';

Here 1031 is ORA-01031. You can put any error code in this command by removing the 0 prefix from the error code. Once you execute this command as SYS/SYSTEM, anytime ORA-1031 is issued by the database, the alert log will record this error and a trace file will be generated to give more details about the error.

Once we did this, we immediately came to know that it was failing when the API was calling UPDATE APPS.JTF_TASK_ALL_RESPONSIBILITIES which was a synonym to JTF.JTF_TASK_RESPONSIBILITIES. The custom schema had rights on JTF.JTF_TASK_RESPONSIBILITIES but not on JTF_TASK_ALL_RESPONSIBILITIES synonym. So we granted the rights:


After this the error disappeared.


sandeep said...

Hi Vikram ,

Thanks a lot mate, this is very useful .

I was stuck in something very similar and this post helped to resolve it .


Mike S said...

Thank you very much Vikram for this post. I ran into this issue when trying to run R12 preinstall patches during a 11i > 12.1.1 upgrade on Solaris 10 64 bit.
Adpatch failed with the ELF class issue.
I raised an SR for it, what a waste of time that was!
Keep up the excellent work.

tom said...

this is very useful.
i also have the same error and tracing it is a lot of work.
thank you for your post.