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Monday, January 26, 2009

Why does login page become ICXINDEX.htm in a clone

Whenever we clone Production to Dev, the s_login_page changes from /oa_servlets/AppsLogin to the old style /OA_HTML/ICXINDEX.htm.

This is not a bother as it redirects to the correct page, however it always bothered me.  Using ICXINDEX.htm causes other problems as I learnt in a TAR with Oracle in 2006.

The context file is created from files in $COMMON_TOP/clone/context/apps, so I searched for the string ICXINDEX in all files in that directory:

$ cd $COMMON_TOP/clone/context/apps
$ grep ICXINDEX *
adxmlctx.tmp:      %s_login_page%

If you change the value of %s_login_page% variable to point to /
$COMMON_TOP/clone/context/apps/adxmlctx.tmp :

Current value:


Change value:
%s_domainname%:%s_active_webport%/oa_servlets/AppsLogin" %s_login_page%

This would solve it temporarily.  However where does adxmlctx.tmp come from ?

It comes from $AD_TOP/admin/template/adxmlctx.tmp

If you modify that you should be ok.  I'll log an SR with Oracle to get them to fix this in their template.

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