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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cannot copy from windows clipboard to forms

Srinivas Reddy reported this issue to me today.  In a particular instance, if he copied any text from forms, he could paste it to a text file on his desktop.  However, if he copied something from a text file on desktop to forms, it did not paste on the forms.  Instead it retained the text that was copied in the form.  For example, "Active users" was the text in one of the fields in the form.  If you copied that, you could paste it in desktop.  However when you copied text "sample text" from desktop and did a Ctrl + V it did not paste "sample text" but "Active users".  I found metalink note 735387.1  which describes a similar issue:


JAR file corruption on the client side.

The JAR files stored in the local Jinitiator cache control the interaction between forms and the

C:\Program Files\Oracle\Jinitiator\jcache\
(Jinitiator version may be different)

These can become corrupted or out dated following patching.


To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

1. Recreate certificate with adjkey
2. Regenerate force all jar files
3. Delete all files in directory :
C:\Program Files\Oracle\Jinitiator\jcache\
(Jinitiator version may be different)
4. Retest the issue
5. Migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.

I have told Srinivas about this.  He will implement this and let me know if this solved the issue.


Aashish said...

We are facing an issue after integration of OID/SUN one LDAP/ SSO.
If we change password from OIDDAS it says password changed successfully but does not actually change the password and we again have to login with old password.

It’s Apps 11i SSO OID Sunone Iplanet Integration and source of truth is OID. so paasswords are in OID

Why is it so ?


Sudantha said...

Dear Vikram Das,

You have explained some steps to execute to solve this copy paste issue. But I don't have a wide knowledge of doing that steps. Therefore please explain how to do Step1 (1. Recreate certificate with adjkey)


Vikram Das said...

Hi Sudantha,

Please refer to Metalink Note 365735.1 for creating certificate with adjkey.

- Vikram

Anonymous said...

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