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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

11i sizing guidelines

Real World Recommendations for 11i sizing

1) CPU
2) Memory
3) Disk Sizing
4) Network

No. of CPU required = (No.of Business events per hr / 275 ) + 2 CPU
15 Active Users/CPU (super users)
50 Logged Users/CPU
1 CPU Dedicated – Database and Application Processes (DB, Forms,
Web, Concurrent Managers)

For OS = 1 Gb

For Apps
Basic = 2 GB
6 user = 128 mb
Apache = 20 mb / user
PL/SQL = 1 mb / user
25 mb per concurrent user

15MB for every active user
15MB for concurrent manager processes
20MB for database background processes
500MB SGA (pinning packages and sequences)

Disk Sizing
Tier Space Required
Application tier file system (includes iAS 26 GB

Database tier file system (fresh install with a 31 GB
production database)

Database tier file system (fresh install with a 65 GB
Vision Demo database)

Net Work
Data Entry = 1.4 kbps
Data Navigation = 2.4 kbps
Navigation = 4.8 kbps

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Hi Vikram,
o me.
This was the exact document I was looking for past 2-3 months ,Can you please let me know R12 sizing guidelines and incase of any docs or metalink notes that will be useful t