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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

R12.2 opmnctl: not found after fresh install / upgrade

This problem occurs during rapidwiz where it fails to create apache instance and the error is logged in deploytech.log:

from deploytech.log:

ERROR: Failed to create the EBS domain.
Failed to deploy the E-Business Suite domain

Oracle would usually advise you to re-install. However I found a way to do it by tracking the rapidwiz log files to see what all scripts it calls to create it manually:   

Create missing apache instance, not created by rapidwiz

Reference :

. ./EBSapps.env run
cd $FMW_HOME/opmnctl/bin
./opmnctl createinstance -oracleInstance $FMW_HOME/webtier/instances/EBS_web_ebs122_OHS1
-adminhost -adminPort 7002 -adminRegistration OFF

Creating Oracle Instance directories...Done
Recording OPMN ports reservations...Done
Bootstrapping OPMN configuration files...Done
Instantiating opmnctl for direct usage...Done
Skipping instance registration
Command succeeded.

./opmnctl createcomponent -componentType OHS -componentName EBS_web_ebs122
-oracleInstance $FMW_Home/webtier/instances/EBS_web_ebs122_OHS1

Creating empty component directories...Done
Provisioning OHS files for EBS_web_ebs122
  Copying OHS files from ORACLE_HOME to ORACLE_INSTANCE locations
  Customizing httpd.conf
  Adding component's process control to OPMN...Done
Skipping EBS_web_ebs122 component registration.
Command succeeded.

cd $FMW_Home/webtier/instances/EBS_web_ebs122_OHS1/bin
./opmnctl registerinstance –adminhost -adminPort 7002

Command requires login to weblogic admin server (
  Username: weblogic

Deploying NonJ2EEManagement Application...weblogic.Deployer invoked with options:  -adminurl -username weblogic -name NonJ2EEManagement -source $FMW_HOME/webtier/opmn/applications/NonJ2EEManagement.ear -nostage -deploy -upload -noexit
Task 0 initiated: [Deployer:149026]deploy application NonJ2EEManagement [Version=11.1.1] on AdminServer.
Task 0 completed: [Deployer:149026]deploy application NonJ2EEManagement [Version=11.1.1] on AdminServer.
Target state: deploy completed on Server AdminServer

Registering instance
Command succeeded.

Copy these *.conf files to $FMW_Home/webtier/instances/EBS_web_ebs122_OHS1/config/OHS/EBS_web_ebs122 obtained from Vision instance :


Global replace the server name and port in the files above.

Run adconfig to regenerate these files

Instantiate the Oracle HTTP Server configuration files admin.conf, ssl.conf, mod_wl_ohs.conf on Run File System.
Note: Since the templates are being instantiated, all customizations will be lost and have to be restored explicitly.
Perform the instantiation with the following commands (the backslash at the end of each line is being used to divide each command across several screen lines for readability). When prompted for the APPS password, press .

-d $FND_TOP/admin/driver/ohstmpl.drv \
-tmpl $FND_TOP/admin/template/ssl_conf_FMW.tmp

-d $FND_TOP/admin/driver/ohstmpl.drv \
-tmpl $FND_TOP/admin/template/mod_wl_ohs_conf_FMW.tmp

-d $FND_TOP/admin/driver/ohstmpl.drv \
-tmpl $FND_TOP/admin/template/admin_conf_FMW.tmp

perl $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/ \
-contextfile=$CONTEXT_FILE \

apps.conf generated successfully

mod_wl_ohs.conf generated successfully

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ADF OAF Tech said...

Vikram sir,
Hope you are doing well. If we have weblogic server with ADF and SOA domain, can we install R12 EB's server on it ?
Abhijit Rode