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Thursday, March 22, 2012

What languages and currencies are enabled in EBS

Raghava asked me about the languages and currencies being used in a new instance which has gone live. For languages we have this query:

select language_code
from fnd_languages
where installed_flag='I'

For currencies, I told him that in EBS all currencies are enabled. I executed the following query:

select CURRENCY_CODE,symbol
from apps.fnd_currencies
where enabled_flag='Y'

It returned 71 rows.

Total rows in fnd_currencies was 249.

However, I thought of a more logical way of getting this data. That would be to query transaction tables. Which transaction table to query here ? I queried dba_segments for the largest objects:

select object_name,bytes
from dba_segments
order by bytes desc;

After the usual fnd_lobs etc., gl_interface table came up. So I created this query:

SQL> select currency_code,count(*)
from apps.gl_interface
group by currency_code; 2 3

--------------- ----------
VND xxx
EUR xxx
USD xxx
SGD xxx
JPY xxx

VND = Vietnamese Dollar
SGD = Singapore Dollar
JPY = Japanese Yen
EUR = Euro
USD = US Dollar

I feel that this query does give a good estimate about the currencies in use.


Anonymous said...

I would suggest not to use gl_interface as it is an interface table with intransit data. Please use gl_je_headers to get the transactional currencies in use.

Anonymous said...


flag to indicate whether the currency is enabled for use at your

from etrm

unix_novice said...

Need Help Related PDF printing in ERP using Solaris

I am unable to print pdf using ERP with Solaris, I am using pasta to convert it as preprocess command but still it gives error

Printing output file.
Request ID : 2371657
Number of copies : 1
Printer : hplasterjet5500pcl6

ESP Ghostscript 815.01: Unrecoverable error, exit code 1
Pasta: Error: Preprocess failed. Command=/usr/sfw/bin/pdf2ps -toPostscript /prdclone/CLN/inst/apps/prdcln_zainirqerpp/logs/appl/conc/out/o2371657.out.pdf /prdclone/CLN/inst/apps/prdcln_zainirqerpp/appltmp/pasta4616_0.tmp
Pasta: Error: Preprocess or Print command failed!!!
APP-FND-00500: AFPPRN received a return code of failure from routine FDUPRN. Program exited with status 1

Cause: AFPPRN received a return code of failure from the OSD routine FDUPRN. Program exited with status 1.

Action: Review your concurrent request log file for more detailed information.

Need help