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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Multiple FFP invalid objects after installing R12.1.3

We got 250+ invalid objects whose name started with FFP:

FFP55375_01011990 FFP50508_01011900 FFP50512_01011900 FFP52744_01071999 FFP50510_01011900 FFP52724_01071999 FFP55355_01011990 FFP55058_01011990 FFP60833_01012000 FFP60793_01012004 FFP60963_01012000 FFP60964_01012000 FFP60606_01011990 FFP60607_01011990

A quick search on My Oracle support revealed some articles with similar errors for 11i:

Applied Patch 9062727 (11i.Hr_pf.K.Delta.5) And Left With FFP<######> Invalid Packages [ID 1096417.1]

The above article pointed to this article:

How to compile fast formula from the server (via FFXBCP) (Doc ID 167689.1) and I executed this command:

$ FFXBCP apps/apps 0 Y %% %%
Log filename : L5826316.log

Report filename : O5826316.out

All the FFP invalids were resolved after executing the above command.


R. Cristi said...

I have a problem with my system. It keeps showing errors, but I know nothing about FFP ( really, I have just started learning more advanced useage on the internet). Could you help me please?

R. Cristi
Author of Blonde Joke book!

Piper Gavin said...

This problem normally arises due to wrong code installation. This is the reason why in our company msql and php programmers are not allowed to extend long hours in the office especially if they're working on a new project.