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Friday, August 21, 2009

AC-00002: Error: Unable to create log file

Makarand was doing a Fresh R12 install. The install was successful on the Database Node and Primary Application Node. On Primary Application node only 'Batch Processing Services' are enabled.

However while installing on the additonal application node the rapidwiz was giving errors

'AC-00002: Error: Unable to create log file - $INST_TOP/$CONTEXT_NAME/logs/08031631.log
Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.RuntimeException: AC-00002: Unable to create log file -

Makarand had tried installing multiple times but every time it failed with the same message

The truss of the rapidwiz process showed this:

/40: open64("$INST_TOP/$CONTEXT_NAME/logs/08200953.log",

Here’s the reason for the failure:

apps11i is the app tier and you are trying to write to an NFS mount. If you access an NFS mount from a server other than its origin, the root user of the application server is treated as nobody user. I verified this by touching a file while logged in as root:

-rw-r--r-- 1 nobody nobody 0 Aug 20 10:59 abc

This happens if the NFS share is shared without root= in the NFS mount command.

An examination of the /etc/dfs/dfstab file revealed that:

share -F nfs -o, /gpshpc76/custom
share -F nfs -o, /erpr12/erpapp
share -F nfs -o, /erp11i/erpapp

If you compare the last line with a line for other instances it clearly shows that the application server has no read write rights and no root equivalence. I corrected this by executing this command:

share -F nfs -o, /arpsysd1/erpapp

I also corrected it in the /etc/dfs/dfstab.

After this we retried the rapidwiz and it worked.


Mzm said...

I am facing the same issue in Enterprise Linux 4 while running rapidwiz on second node, Any idea what steps to be taken,

I am using this command for nfs mount
mount -t nfs usa:/share /share
it is mounted but unable to proceed on second node same issue.

Mzm said...

Facing the same issue on Oracle Enterprise linux 4 on second node while running rapidwiz, kindly let me know the nfs shared with root privileges on nfs mountpoint.
Steps taken on Enterprise linux 4 for nfs with root privileges.


Mzm said...

I am facing the same issue of NFS when I am trying to install two node R12 installation second node on Oracle Enterprise Linux 4.
Can you let me know what necessary steps to be taken during nfs mount on Oracle Enterprise Linux 4.
First node installation is successfull.
mount -t nfs :/erparch/ /erparch/

Getting error on second node - Unable to create logfile.

Mzm said...

I am facing the same issue on second node during R12 Installation on Oracle Enterprise Linux 4, First node installation is successfull.After successfull nfs mount using,

mount -t nfs :/erparch/ /erparch/

Can you please let me know how to proceed for Enterprise Linux 4.


Anonymous said...

add no_root_squash on NFS server and restart NFS services along with portmap on same.


Faizan Momin