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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Monitoring Applications username in OEM

Mohan pinged with a query about registering Oracle E-Business Suite Systems with Grid Control.
He said that for "Monitoring Schema Username" he had given em_monitor user password

He wanted to know the values for

Monitoring Applications Username
Monitoring Applications User Password

He tried giving the username as APPS but it failed with Io exception: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection

So I did a google search for keywords "Monitoring Applications Username". Two links turned up and the second link was the guide Oracle® Application Management Pack for Oracle
E-Business Suite User's Guide

On searching inside the guide it said Please refer to the chapter Application Service-Level Monitoring, page 5-1 for the steps required for creating a
Monitoring Applications user. After following these steps, enter the credentials of the Applications user into these fields.

Page 5-1 had this information:

Setup Tasks Prior to recording Web Transactions
Create an Oracle Applications user for beacon monitoring and playback
In your Oracle Applications system, create an Applications user for beacon monitoring
and playback from Enterprise Manager. Ensure that this user has all the responsibilities
required to perform the Web transactions that you will be recording.
Update Fixed Key profile options
1. Set profile "FND: Fixed Key Enabled" to "Yes" for the Oracle Applications user
created above.
2. Set profile "FND: Fixed Key" to a hexadecimal String of length 64 for the Oracle
Applications user created above. Example "AAAA....A" (x64).
3. Set the profiles "FND: Fixed Key Enabled" to "Yes" and "FND: Fixed Key" to the
same value as set in item (2) above for the Guest user. The Guest user is determined
by the profile "GUEST_USER_PWD" and is typically the user "GUEST".

So in short, you need to provide a front end username like SYSADMIN

Mohan further clarified whether we can give "guest" user

I advised him not to use Guest user as it is restricted and to create a new user for monitoring.

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