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Friday, April 17, 2009

nfs mount: mount: I/O error

Recently while trying to NFS mount a directory from DB Server to app server, I got the following error:

mount -F nfs -o rw,soft,intr /apps11i/appl

nfs mount: mount: I/O error

/var/adm/messages showed:

Apr 18 01:25:23 devserver nfs: [ID 434519 kern.warning] WARNING: NFS server initial call to failed: I/O error

A truss also did not provide any additional messages.

On a hunch I went to the DB server where the mount existed. Logged in as root and gave the command:

share /apps11i/appl

I went back to the App server and executed the mount command again, and it worked fine:

mount -F nfs -o rw,soft,intr /apps11i/appl

1 comment:

bgoodforyou said...

thank you :) .
we got I/O in zone system . Went to the global zone and give share and it was ok.