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Saturday, December 13, 2008

\xff\xf4\xff\xfd\x06 in extranet server's apache log

While troubleshooting a problem in Apache, I thought of trying to send requests to Apache manually through command line :

telnet localhost 80
GET /OA_HTML/jsp/fnd/aoljtest.jsp
Ctrl +C

The GET didn't show up, but the Ctrl+C did: - - [13/Dec/2008:15:38:49 -0500] "\xff\xf4\xff\xfd\x06" 302 - 0

Here's what these x codes mean in Apache:

                       case line
60                                when /\xff\xf4\xff\xfd\x06/
61                                        @sock.write("[*] Caught ^C, closing the socket...\n")
62                                        @sock.close
63                                        return
65                                when /\xff\xed\xff\xfd\x06/
66                                        @sock.write("[*] Caught ^Z\n")
67                                        return

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smartdba said...

HOw to get rid of these code in access.log