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Friday, August 15, 2008

TXK patches in a CPU are cumulative

Yesterday, while discussing about a patch scoping analysis with Sandhya, I realized that the TXK patch provided in any given CPU is cumulative. For example, the TXK patch published in April 2008 CPU contains all TXK patches published in previous CPUs. If you go through the readme of ATG_PF.H RUP6 which is Metalink Note 444524.1. It says:

Oracle Applications Technology (RUP6) contains Oracle Applications Technology (ATG) security fixes for core ATG products from the January 2005 Critical Patch Update (CPUJan2005) through the July 2007 Critical Patch Update (CPUJul2007). The following core ATG products are included in FND, OAM, OWF, FWK, JTT, JTA, TXK, XDO, ECX, EC, AK, ALR, UMX, BNE, and FRM.

However, the following CPU patches for ATG core products are not included in and must be applied on top of in order to obtain the complete set of ATG security fixes, if you are applying as part of a CPU implementation. Additionally, you must apply the CPU patches for products other than the core ATG products, if you have not already done so. Please refer to the CPU documentation for information on CPU patches for products not listed above.

  • Customers using AutoConfig must apply patch 5658489 (TXK).

  • Customers who are not using AutoConfig must apply patch 5082356 (TXK) and refer to the readme file for patch 5658489 (TXK) for more details.

Note: Customers who apply the TXK patches 5658489 or 5082356 must have installed a minimum of Oracle Developer Suite 6i patchset 17 plus the CPU patches for Oracle Developer Suite 6i patchset 17

You can verify about the cumulative nature of the TXK patches by this process:

Download the TXK patch 6831988 (present in April 2008 CPU) and unzip it.
cd to the patch directory
vi u5648489.drv

Here's three of previous TXK patches released in older CPUs:

5046719 TXK patch present in April 2006 CPU
4759690 TXK patch present in Jan 2006 CPU
5658489 TXK patch present in Jan 2007 CPU

If you search for these patch numbers inside the driver, you'll find them present. There is no TXK patch in July 2008 CPU. However you can verify this in future CPUs easily by searching for older TXK patch numbers inside the TXK patch driver file.

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