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Thursday, July 31, 2008

XP desktop is sideways / upside down

Vamsi pressed some keys on his laptop and the desktop started showing sideways. After googling for a solution, we found this link. The solution is to

Press Ctrl + Alt + up arrow key

Keep in mind that you should be logged in and not on the username password dialog when you do this.


Cheryl said...

I tried all day from 10:40am to 5:46pm trying to fix this problem. I went to Microsoft's website for help and got nothing, went to Cnet, went to a few computer chatrooms looking for help and got nothing but a sore neck because I was reading sideways. As a last resort I googled the problem and you guys popped up. Thanks a bunch! I loooovve you guys. You rock!

Forever Grateful
C. Witt

Anonymous said...

thank you so much, i just got a call from my boyfriend's mother asking about this and i didnt even know first of all that this was possible, so i googled a couple solutions and this was one of the top results and voilĂ ! it worked! yay! thank you so much!