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Monday, January 7, 2008

Please insert a disk into drive

Currently, I am on vacation, that's why the blog is not being updated regularly. When I tried to use a CD-ROM in my laptop, it gave the message:

Please insert a disk into drive E

I thought it was strange because the drive was working fine back home. I used some rectified spirit to clean up the lens, as I thought it may be due to dust on the lens. However the drive refused to read the disc. Googling, I found that some people had received this error on desktops when the wire connections of the CD-ROM drive were loose. So I ejected my CD/DVD drive from the laptop and inserted it again. Voila, now the CD-ROM disc I was trying to use worked.

A very simple solution to a problem which may have led to purchase of a new CD/DVD drive.


fhasweh said...

hi vikram,
you have be tagged by me, plz check


Vikram Das said...

Thanks Fadi. I am on vacation now. Will join the tag game after I return.

- Vikram